Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Ferdie's Comeback Party like Hell


Oh Hye guys,Ferdie's back..
LOL,im so sorry,i got not time before to look at my blog
and today,wow Blog got new frontpage huh..
HaHaHa its quite funny when im totally blank with new Blog Apperance..

Ok for those who not know me yet,let me introduce myself first
I am Ferdie..not FREDDIE lah but ferdie..
could you spell my name correctly? People always make mistake with it..
I am 20th lol im still young
I cant play guitar nor football ==" not funny
but im good in Piano and field hockey
Hey i can sing too..
Hebat kan aku
I am talented,cool,handsome and cute..LOL-diorang yang kata..huuu
err what else hah? entah la,idea dah Nowhere..haha
So guys,please please please comment on my post,chatting on my chatbox
and follow me..please im begging..haha ok its not funny..
So enjoy..

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